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The Oldest source on Incense is the Vedas. Vedic texts mention the use of Incense for pleasing diety's, masking odours & creating a pleasurable smell. It is very much linked to the Ayurvedic medical system in which it is rooted & helps in healing.

The method of Incense making with a bamboo stick as a core, originated in India at the end of the 19th century. The main method of burning incense in India is the Incense stick or Agarbathi. It is a integral part of any Hindu ritual. It creates the perfect setting for an auspicious ritual by filling the air with a pleasant smell. As they release smoke, they also act as organic dis-infectants that drive away insects.

The basic ingredients of an incense stick are bamboo sticks, paste mad of natural waste materials such as dried flowers, twigs, wood powder & adhesive made from the bark of a tree. Later these sticks are dried and added with a perfume ingredients made of natural essential oils, resins, resinoids & blended with some solvents to make it memorable. Incenses are also made in different shapes like cones & dhoop sticks.

In the modern world, incense sticks are used in Meditation, Aroma therapy, as a room freshner, to get rid of evil and many other purposes.